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A Note From Ergon

With all the global disasters that have happened the past 2 years I want to give you all some direction on how you can help. Please check the businesses listed under our Humanitarian Relief section for ways you can give.

How have you helped? We would love to hear about it. If you have a story of how you assisted someone recently please write and let us know. Just go to the Your Story section of our website and click on Add Your Own. Sharing our stories brings us together as a community and strengths all of our resolve.

I and the entire team here at WorkerAnts encourage you to do what you can to continue to help people around the world suffering from tsunami, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The disease and poverty these disasters bring last long after the actual event. There are so many worthy causes out there, it is true you can't support them all but you can make a difference for one cause or one person. Find your passion and move to make a positive change in the world.

Below you will find one group from each of our 5 categories under Humanitarian Relief Organizations. These groups are unflagging in their efforts to aide the starving, downtrodden, and oppressed people of our world and they deserve our full support. Join us and other WorkerAnts this month in supporting these and the other worthy Humanitarian Relief Organizations you find listed on our pages.

First you'll want to check out our Humanitarian Relief main page, where you'll find great organizations like...
Flying medicines, relief workers, supplies, food, and medivac patients for hundreds of relief agencies. They are based in Redlands,CA

Then go to our Humanitarian Relief - Children page where you will find...
UNICEF Advocates and works for the protection of children's rights.

On our Humanitarian Relief - Disaster Relief page you will find ...
This group is focused on disaster relief, but also works in sustainable development and community service.

Next go over to the Humanitarian Relief - Homeless page, which features organizations like...

Their mission is to play a role in ending homelessness by providing income, skill development, and self-advocacy opportunities.


Cameron Clay House They provides a home for homeless young men and women in Oregon while they finish high school.

Finally, you'll want to go to our Humanitarian Relief - Refugees page, which spotlights groups like...
Which aides survivors to overcome the lasting ffects of torture and war.


Which offers relief to orphans and widows who are victims of war and disaster.

Don't miss out on any of these wonderful organizations!

We hope you enjoy these sites and will join WorkerAnts in supporting these and the other worthy causes we feature each month.

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